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PAC Information


Fundraisers  Dates Approximate Delivery date 
Poinsettia Fundraiser October 16 - 27 Scheduled for pick-up Nov 30th
at the school 2:30-3:30
Hot Chocolate Fundraiser    
Seed 2 Go Fundraiser

Boston Pizza on going 
Save on Foods ​ on going  For every save on gift card purchased at the customer service desk under our school name we receive a percentage back to the school
​Purdy's Easter Chocolate Fundraiser ​ 
Coming soon 
​PAC Meeting Nov 20 @ 4:30 pm


New Parents:

Returning Parents:

​Cycle # ​Date open  ​Date closed 
 Lunch Dates


PAC Members 


​Facebook Page 
​Pineview Pac email-
[email protected]
​Next Pac Meeting  Nov 20th @ 4:30
​Zoom Link:

NAME PAC POSTION  ​Contact Info 
Chantelle Wiebe ​Chair [email protected]
Trevor Isaac ​Vice Chair   
Jamie Irwin ​Treasurer 
Kali Cruse ​Secretary   
​Chantelle Wiebe Fundraising Coordinator [email protected]
Adrienne Cleave ​Fundraising Coordinator  [email protected]
Hilary Walker ​Fundraising Coordinator 
Kristy Fuller ​Hot lunch Coordinator   
  ​Grade 7 Parent Coordinator   


District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)